The most natural thing to do, is to come into alignment with your soul in order to create your reality.
I didn’t say it was easy mind you. You can blame all the false narratives being spread over millions of years lol.
But that is why it is so important to clear out the layers of false teachings, which unfortunately harbours within our being, causing dense energy blockages within our vessels, spiritually, mentally & emotionally, which can then form physically.
This is passed down from parents, school, work, we carry them on from previous lifetimes & ancestry, so there is a lot to release BUT once we start this process of shedding, we begin to create magick. Manifesting from a place of alignment.
Our soul creates, our bodies experience but our minds conceive the creation.
That’s why when you hear the term we create our reality, it really is that. So the great thing about this is, we have control over our direct realties.
Of course there is the collective consciousness which is also creating. Hence why there are so many star seeds and Angels being born & waking up, to assist in the collective change.
However, what we see & experience physically is the manifestation of our previous thought forms. No matter what the mind is thinking/conceiving it will manifest, we are constantly manifesting. So maybe it’s time to get more conscious on what we are conceiving.
I will also say, it is not as easy as the thinking alone (otherwise could you imagine what kind of crazy things would manifest into reality). It is the consistency of a said thought, coupled with the feeling behind the thought form. This is the key to the magick (btw I spell magick in this way to differentiate between magic eg. Card tricks, illusions etc & real magick eg. purposeful manifestation & the wonders in this world).
I have been working with my guides asking them how I can better learn to consciously manifest, as I have been having issues with getting into the genuine feelings behind the thoughts I wish to manifest into form. Through both ceremony & of late vivid dreams, my spirit guides have been allowing me to feel the process, showing me how it works to feel the emotions in order to manifest.
I am still learning but I can say I have 100% experienced this on more than a few occasions. And let me tell you it is magick the synchronicities, connections and timeline jumping that is possible.

There is literally no limit to our manifestation capabilities & I truly believe this is why we have so many false teachings in order to distract, hinder & poison the potential & growth of our race (the human race) as a one people.



I can guarantee that once in alignment, it becomes so easy to consciously manifest the things we want rather than on autopilot, manifesting repeated cycles of what we do not want.

So create from your soul & conceive it through your mind, so that your body can physically experience your magick.
Much love

Zenobia x

Inspo taken from the book: ‘Conversations with God’