If you're new to the idea and practice of Crystal Healing, then I understand how strange it may sound, to listen to a rock. So allow me to explain...

The Earth is alive, naturally beautiful and abundant in vibrational energy. This includes all minerals, such as crystals found all over Mother Earth.

Healing crystals harness these life giving elements, helping us to connect with them.
Each stone holds a different vibrational frequency and is much like a database of ancient knowledge.
Crystals are millions of years old and retain all the information they have ever been exposed to. This then connects us to Earths healing properties when we come into contact with them, which can support our own energy, in balancing, uplifting and assists us in manifesting our desires when we have clear intentions.
These intentions then also become a part of the crystals energy, enhancing the focus and power.


Each crystal has a different vibrational frequency. Some may help in increasing your energy, whilst others may help to calm anxiety. Some will ground you and others will help in activating your higher chakras, assisting in your meditation practices. It truly depends on what you’re looking for. (If you want information on each stones properties, please take a look at the description on each Zenergë Gemz jewellery piece, where I explain the properties of each stone in more depth).

The best advice I can give is, trust in your intuition when picking a crystal.

Whether it be in person or online, go with what your gut tells you. Your favourite colour may be purple and you may have planned to buy a purple stone but for some reason you are drawn to a green stone. Just go with it. It is what you need at this time. You are drawn to it for a reason!


Crystals should be cleansed and charged. Some crystals hold the ability to cleanse themselves and other gemstones too, but the majority do need cleansing.

I advise that Zenergë Gemz are cleansed once a week, if worn often. If not so often once a Month is fine.

Cleansing your crystals are important because they pick up heavy dense energy from the environment and even yourself. Cleansing them, keeps both your vibration and the crystals vibrations high.
You should also avoid anyone else touching your crystals as this too can affect the energy.
Your crystal is for you and attuned to you and you only!

Below I list a few different ways to cleanse and charge your crystal stones:

  • Leave your crystals out in the moonlight for at least 24 hours. The moons energy helps cleanse and charge the stones, so the best time to do this is during the full moon, when the Lunar rays are at their strongest, energetically.
  • Leave your crystals to charge in sunlight. The suns energy is reenergising and indeed charging but do be careful as to not leave your stones out in the sun for too long as they will fade and discolour.
  • If you are able to get hold of sage, burning it and running your crystal through the smoke will cleanse it of any dense energy, as sage smoke is purifying. You can also use smoke from Palo Santo and incense sticks.
  • Prayer. Holding your crystals, praying or speaking positive affirmations over them with clear intention will also cleanse your stones of negative or dense energy.
  • Burying them in dirt allows your crystals to cleanse and recharge with the vibration of Mother Earth. Although this is not recommended for your Zenergë Gemz Jewellery.
  • Washing your crystals in salt water. Salt is purifying and absorbs negative energy. However there are crystals that disintegrate when wet, stones include Turquoise, Moonstone, Kyanite & Selenite (plus many more). Again this is not an advised cleansing method for your Zenergë Gemz.

I truly hope this written piece was insightful and if you didn’t before, now have more of an understanding or insight to the wonderful world of Crystals.

I promise that once you begin your crystal journey, you will find the World is full of magical, beautiful and mysterious stones that will absolutely rock your world.