There is so much talk lately on balancing our energy, integrating our shadow and healing our inner child.
Even our Zenergë Gemz selling point is the use of quality crystals within our jewellery pieces to help assist in balancing our energy.


Other than our chakras (please see previous blog posts for more info on chakras), what else do we need to balance?  
Well, because our inner being is made up of many aspects, I wanted to share some information in regards to these various parts of self and hope you gain a little more clarity and understanding on each aspect of the consciousness within us all.


Lets start with our HIGHER SELF. This aspect of self, is what I call our divine inner guidance from a wiser, more experienced version of ourselves. The version we should all aspire to be.
But not to be mistaken for an entity outside of ourselves.
Think of it as a wiser you, who has the experience and knowledge from your many lifetimes to provide a blueprint for your current journey. Connecting with your higher self brings a sense of safety and clarity. Meditate with a white candle daily, to connect with your higher self.


The INNER CHILD, this aspect of our inner self is the innocence.
Now the inner child can hold a lot of emotional trauma.
When working with our inner child we need to be gentle when stripping back the programming and unmet needs from our upbringing.
FYI the majority of our parents/guardians did their best. They more than likely have a wounded inner child too.
But in short, the aim is to forgive the past and build confidence and trust in ourselves and others. Connect with your inner child through play, dance and joyful expression. Speaking to your inner child to let them know they are loved and safe is also a great practice.


Our SHADOW SELF, is often mistaken as the ‘ego’ (but they are two very different inner consciousness’).
Unfortunately the shadow is the side of us that sabotages our growth.
It is all the suppressed emotions and harboured feelings of resentment, anger and fear that we try to hide, in order to find acceptance.
The goal is to heal and integrate your shadow self by understanding why we project onto others and then establish a positive relationship with our shadow self. Sit with your emotions and feel them. Rather than brushing them off, this is the best way to heal your shadow.

Our EGO is our identity. Our social personality.

It likes to shield us from our dislikes but also prevents us from acting on our basic urges. Balancing our morals and social standards.
The aim is to be understanding of other objectives without becoming triggered when others challenge our opinions. Look at your triggers and think back to why it affects you in such a way. Journaling is a great practice.


Before I briefly explain the characteristics of both the masculine and feminine, I wish to point out that we all have BOTH masculine and feminine polarities and energies inside of us.

The MASCULINE energy likes structure in order to apply logic correctly.
The divine masculine energy has the gift of clarity, so it knows what needs to be done in order to achieve the set out goal.
He is the master of planning and laying out guidelines based on logic and experience. A healthy masculine polarity does so with confidence and self assurance. Learn to trust in your ability and decision making.


The FEMININE embodies magnetism, flow and creativity. 
The divine feminine follows her heart, and understands that emotions and feelings, have valuable messages and therefore listens to her inner knowing.
The feminine also knows when it’s time to slow down and nurture self, whilst embodying the frequency of creation and instant manifestation, living in the natural flow of death and rebirth. Create and express yourself, your feminine will thank you for it. 


Much Love

Zen x