What is a chakra anyway?

Before we get into each of them let’s firstly understand what a Chakra is. 

A Chakra is an energy centre. Translated it actually means, wheel. A spinning wheel of energy unseen to the human eye.

The seven most commonly known Chakras are located along the spine from the top of our skull to our coccyx.
Chakras keep us balanced and healthy, but only if they are open and aligned. 
When blocked, the build up of stagnant energy, can manifest into mental, spiritual and even physical ailments.
It is therefore vital that we keep ourselves balanced, allowing energy to flow freely through our energy centres.

I will be discussing the 7 main chakras with you.
I hope after reading up on each Chakra, you will have a better understanding on what each one of these powerful vortex’s, that reside within us all, are linked to and what they all do. 

It is so important to ensure we have a healthy Chakra system. 
Getting them balanced is a life hack. The real bag!  

Quite truly... Happy Chakras = Happy life