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EARTHS CRY Zenergë Gemz
EARTHS CRY Zenergë Gemz
EARTHS CRY Zenergë Gemz


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Chrysocolla, invokes great inner strength & helps to purify energy fields. An amazing stone for empowering feminine energy in both men and women because it is deeply connected to the vibration of the Earth, teaching us that genuine power is best expressed through gentleness. Chrysocolla is also known as a stone of prosperity and business success, stimulating the mind and relaxing emotions. It opens the throat chakra, which assists in clear communication and self-expression by drawing negativity out from the body.


A Gold plated stainless steel chain, pieced with Chrysocolla feature beads.
Chain measures 45cm.


Stainless steel does not tarnish the skin nor oxidise.
Please remove before showering or swimming and avoid spraying perfume, hairspray or applying moisturiser directly onto the necklace.


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