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A PAST LIFE Zenergë Gemz
A PAST LIFE Zenergë Gemz
A PAST LIFE Zenergë Gemz


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Lapis Lazuli encourages self-expression, creativity and reveals inner truth. It is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge and aids the process of learning, an excellent stone for enhancing memory. A Lapis Lazuli crystal grid, brings calm and loving communication to a home, truly a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

Ankh the symbol of life. More specifically, the Ankh can be used as a symbol of physical life on Earth, eternal life in heaven, immortality, and even reincarnation. 


A real authentic Lapis Lazuli crystal pendant.
Gold plated stainless steel Ankh charm. 
Gold plated stainless steel necklace.
Chain measures 50cm.


Advised to remove before showering, swimming and spraying perfume/hairspray directly onto necklace, so as to maintain gold plating.
Stainless steel will not tarnish the skin or oxidise.

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