Next we have the Solar Plexus, located above the belly button, just below the diaphragm.
This chakra is the centre of your personal power. The center of energy. It is associated with ego and self worth. It governs personality, authenticity and identity.


The solar plexus has a masculine energy and is symbolised as a gold or yellow ten-petaled lotus flower.
And I t’s mantra, “RAM”, “I can.”
The sacral is connected to the element fire.
If imbalanced it can bring about feelings of low self-esteem, control issues and self doubt, especially when decision making.
Meditation under the sun and physical exercise, stimulating the abdomen area, will assist in healing and balancing your solar plexus.
Mirror work and daily affirmations as listed below, also help to balance the solar plexus;
I am confident
I am powerful
I am intelligent
I am aligned
I am authentic
I honour myself
I love and accept myself
I am strong
I am creative
I am capable
I am enough
I can achieve anything

Crystals which help to stimulate and strengthen the solar plexus are;
Tigers Eye
Lemon Quartz
Golden Mookaite
Yellow Jasper 


When energy flows freely through the solar plexus, it can empower you to live authentically and confidently in your purpose. Good decision making comes with ease and we can be our truest selves in all we do.

Here are a few Zenergë Gemz, to assist in balancing your Solar Plexus.