Finally we have the crown chakra. This is the last of the main 7 energy centres.
It is located just above your head, on top of your crown.
It is the most spiritual of all the 7 chakras and connected to enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness and spiritual connection.

The crown chakra has a masculine energy and symbolised as a thousand petal lotus.
It's mantra is, “I know.”
Elementally, it is connected to thought.

When your crown chakra is out of balance one may find it difficult to meditate and feel disconnected from your souls purpose, which can often lead to anxiety and depression.

Much like the third eye chakra, inversion poses to send a fresh flow of blood and energy to your crown will stimulate the area.
Developing a consistent daily meditation practice is key.
Connecting to nature and keeping ourselves hydrated is also extremely important (we connect to our higher self and spiritual family easier when hydrated).
Breath work and daily affirmations, also stimulate and help us to connect to our crown chakras. Try out some of the below affirmation examples;
I am enlightened 
I am connected to source
I am light
I am divine
I am at peace 
I am living my spiritual truth
I am an extension of the universe
I am receiving guidance from my spirit guides
I am discovering my souls purpose
I am here to live in love
I am complete

The below Crystals help stimulate and assist in opening and balancing the crown chakra;
Clear Quartz

The connection we have with our higher self and spirit guides enables us to navigate through life with confidence and greater insight. It teaches us that we are all connected and therefore a reflection of one another. Understanding ourselves and each other deeper will bring this world much more love, kindness and understanding. That is what we all need in order to live in bliss.