Have you ever noticed a reoccurring number sequence whenever you check the time? 
Or you notice repeated digits on a number plate whilst driving.
That my beautiful people, is what you call divine angelic synchronicities. Messages from your Spirit Guides and guardians Angels through unique numeric patterns, sending you signs of encouragement and in some cases, warnings.

Once you are open to these universal signs, you will start to notice patterns in your life.
For example, you may start to see certain number sequences when you feel depleted or frustrated, these messages are sent as reassurance to keep on going and to hold your faith.

Below I will take you through some of the more commonly known Angel numbers, and give you a little insight as to what these divine numeric sequences may mean.

Angel Number 1111

Number 1 represents the vibration of leadership, ambition, mastery, optimism and positive energy. When a number appears numerous times, it amplifies its meaning.
Therefore seeing Angel number 1111 is a message from the Angels, that you are safe, loved and to pay careful attention to your thoughts and wishes, as they have been heard and are manifesting. 
Seeing 1111 is a reminder that you have the Creator, all your Angels and Ancestors with you, supporting you, guiding you, loving you.

Angel Number 222

Number 2 vibrates balance. Balance with your mental, physical and spiritual aspects of self and encourages you to maintain the trust and faith you have in the universe and in your Spirit Guides, so keep on persevering.
The spiritual meaning of 222 is connected to harmony and nurturing the relationship firstly with self and then others.
Release the attachment to control each outcome, and trust that the universe is assisting you, so that you are able fulfil all goals and life lessons for the betterment of self.

Angel Number 333

Number 3 is a magical number, symbolising completion and luck. Triangles are said to be the strongest shape in the Universe, representing unity and stability. Most of us know about the Holy Trinity (which I believe to be a symbol of our Mother Goddess, Father God & Spirit but that’s for another blog discussion) and we also have the notion of past, present and future.
In Angel numerology, seeing 333 is a reminder to connect with your higher self and your life's purpose. Allow for spiritual guidance from your inner knowing.

Angel Number 444

Number 4 represents inner wisdom, hard work and achievements.
Number 444 amplifies 4s vibration. It is a sign from your Angels, that you are on the right path, despite current situations. Success and bliss are waiting for you.
Continue to have faith in yourself, as you have everything you need to succeed, inside of you. Ignite your passion and evoke your ambition. Trust in your strength, your determination and vision.

Angel Number 555

Change is coming! Angel number 555 comes to you when significant change is on the horizon. 
There will be many new opportunities bringing forth personal growth and even adventure.
Many fear change, however with change comes great opportunity. So keep an open mind and know that these changes are for your elevation and highest good.
Do not fear as your Angels are here to guide you, all you have to do is ask for peace of mind.
Remember that you are blessed.

Angel Number 666

Poor Angel number 666 has really been given evil contotations and the vibration that this number holds couldn’t be further from the truth.
If you are seeing the number 666, do not fear, it is not a bad omen or sign representing the devil but merely a message to be aware of your thoughts.
Especially those thoughts that are of a lower vibration (fear, guilt and anxiety). 
Overthinking of worst-case scenarios, is a big No-No, as our thoughts (if given repeated energy) become things.
Focus your thoughts on the things you do want. If you are feeling clouded and stuck, then ask your Angels to help release your fears and worries, and help you to think more positively. They are always here to uplift and guide you.

Angel Number 777

Number 7, the number of good luck and abundance. It is a clear sign, that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and you will reap your rewards.
The success, acknowledgement and prosperity is on the way, expect to receive many more blessings and miracles.
So continue to keep focusing on your growth and elevation, as your Angels invite you to explore higher learning or study. This is to enhance your inner growth and progress.
Know that when you see Angel number 777, you are fulfilling your divine life purpose and the universe greatly approves.

Angel Number 888

The number 8 is a symbol for infinity. Two perfect spheres stacked on top of one another. The top sphere being your connection to the spiritual realm, your higher self, your vortex and the bottom sphere being your fullness in the material world.
When you trust your infinite resources in the spiritual, you will also have abundance in the physical.
Anytime you see the numbers 888, know that your Angels are trying to communicate with you and remind you that when living in your creative power, your abundant potential is limitless.

Angel Number 999

Number 9, the number that represents completions and an end to a phase or cycle. But with endings, come new beginnings, with new enlightened paths.
Angel Number 999 will often appear when we are transforming, once we’ve reached a certain point in our lives where things need to change.
Usually when we are ready to invest into our spiritual journey of self-discovery and when old karmic debt is paid off. 

Trust in the notion of divine timing. We may not be able to see the whole story but know that our Angels are here to guide us in love, light & truth ALWAYS!